Full House of Morals: Candace Cameron Dedicates Life to Christianity … And Wine

For years Candace Cameron Bure, aka DJ Tanner, became a staple in the American home as she grew up in a “Full House” of drama, laughs and family fun. But after a ten-year hiatus from the lights and action, Cameron has just recently come back to the small screen to star in the ABC family series “Make It or Break It”. And for the record, don’t expect her to stray from her strong Christian values for the sake of showbiz.

“Family friendly roles are extremely important, it is who I am,” Cameron told Tarts. “I had family morals instilled in me as a child and I have a responsibility to be a good role model.”

But aside from raising three children during her decade out-of-the-spotlight, the 33-year-old kept busy spreading the sacred word by speaking at numerous churches across the country.

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“When the kids are back in school I want to go back to visiting churches, it is a passion of mine. Christian faith is so important and sharing Christ is one of the most important things to me,” she added.

But that’s not the only thing Cameron is sharing with the world, the blonde beauty and her husband, retired NHL Hockey Player Valeri Bure, are playing the business card with their own Napa Valley exquisite line of fine “BURE Family Wines.”

“I retired (from professional hockey) to spend time with our kids and move with the family business,” Bure added. “I love wine, I love the learning the business side.”

Kardashian Busted Bush With Another Woman?

The blogosphere has been abuzz all week with the news that Kim Kardashian split from her longtime lover Reggie Bush and although Kim’s rep claimed that the break-up was mutual and there was no cheating involved, Pop Tarts has been told a different story by a source close to the couple.

Apparently two months ago Kardashian was tipped off by one of Bush's pals about an affair and was forwarded graphic text messages between her then-beau and another woman, prompting her to spontaneously fly to Vegas where he was staying.

"Kim caught them in the room together," added our insider. "They tried to work thru it but the trust was gone. I think Kim was pretty embarrassed about the whole situation.”

Yesterday Foxnews.com also reported that the reality starlet recieved raunchy text messages from Kanye West, causing Bush to lose his cool.

Club Owner Dismisses Mel Gibson “Attack”

Mel Gibson and his notoriously hot-temper has come under fire yet again with reports that he “attacked” a reporter who continuously tried to take his photograph while he partied (sipping diet cokes only) in VIP with his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva at the launch of Playhouse Hollywood on Wednesday.

But according to club owner Rob Vinokur, the violence is all over-rated.

“Last night Mel Gibson and his girlfriend attended the Grand Opening of Playhouse Hollywood. A minor incident occurred between a persistent photographer and Mr. Gibson’s party, no one was injured and all parties are cooperating fully with local police officials to resolve the matter,” Vinokur told Tarts.

But what we want to know is why 53-year-old Gibson was even attending a Hollywood nightclub opening with his pregnant new leading lady?!