Frontlines Firsthand: Corporal Scott Atwell

Age: 22
Hometown: Ashton, Maryland
High School: Sherwood High School
College: One year at University of Maryland
Rank: Corporal
Started in the Marines: August 8, 2004
Deployments: Sept. 7, 2006—Oct. 1, 2006 to Beirut, Lebanon

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• Best memory of my Marine service:
The two weeks I spent in Scotland training with the Royal Marines. They can make anything fun. Scotland was absolutely beautiful — the Scots were great and so was the beer.

• Most difficult time in the Marines:
I would say my whole enlistment has been tough, just because I hate being away from home.

• What I like most about being in the Marines:
The thing I like most about the Marines is the friends I've made. Without them this job would be completely miserable.

• What I'm packing:
Nothing exciting besides my iPod.

• What I'm looking forward to:
Just kind of curious as to what it's going to be like.

• What I'm dreading:
Not being able to just pick up my cell phone and talk to friends and family.

• What I will tell the Afghans about the U.S.:
I probably won't tell the Afghans anything about the U.S because I don't want them to get jealous.