Over one foreign intervention, Democrats and Republicans are more or less united: Intervening in Sudan to stop the wholesale slaughter of hundreds of thousands Sudanese (search).

Even Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., who fervently opposed U.S. involvement in Iraq, has called for intervention in the Sudan. But leave it to our Egyptian allies to find a conspiratorial plot lurking in our humanitarian motives.

An Egyptian government weekly published an investigative report titled: "The Key to the American Voting Booths is in Darfur: The Plot which is Called 'Oil.'" The long and short of it (according to the article, which was translated by MEMRI.org), is that Charlie Rangel and all the rest of us are more interested in saving oil in the Sudan than in saving lives: "The U.S. is planning to make Darfur [Sudan] an easy path towards its major plan to transport the [Persian] Gulf oil and the African oil to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, so that Washington can meet its needs in the next decade."

An editorial in the Egyptian government English-language magazine Al-Ahram Weekly puts it even more plainly: "The suspicion in the Arab world is that the U.S.' eagerness to intervene in Darfur is an American conspiracy to gain control of Sudanese oil."

What would we do without our allies?

And that’s the Observer.

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