Fresh Start

OK, first off, we missed Steve, but it was great to see Mike Jerrick come off his extensive weekend prep to fill in Friday!

All morning we followed the "Yasser-Arafat-maybe-dead-already" story in Paris, pointed out the finger pointing amongst Democrats, all the while keeping a wary eye on Fallaujah (search).

I find this whole post-election analysis fascinating along with world reaction. Lets face it, George Bush was prevented from celebrating his first win because of the delay angst and controversy. E.D. made a comment that really struck home with me, saying that the President Bush at Thursday's presser was exactly like the relaxed Governor Bush of Texas. Finally, he can speak without watching every word and perhaps not get attacked each and every day on every news network on the planet.

As usual I enjoyed talking with an emerging star in the Republican party in Senator George Allen. The guy is bright, likeable, young and most importantly sunny and optimistic by nature. Much like his NFL Hall of Fame dad, George Allen. Which is why I asked him the million-dollar question about running for president. To read between the lines, I personally believe he will run, or seriously considering it. This is why I loved having him in my book, "The Games Do Count." He played quarterback for Virginia had a shot at the USFL, but it was his dad who said go back to law school. How rare is it for a dad to push his son away from professional football... it turned out to be another great personal move for George Allen.

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Have a great weekend and keep it on "FOX & Friends," seven days a week.

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