French Kiss and Make Up?

When you're wrong, you're wrong and I should admit this day, when it comes to the French, I was wrong.

You heard me right: I've blasted them too much and now I realize I went too far.

I called them ingrates for ripping us on Iraq when we helped them through so many wars. They have told me it's precisely because they're grateful that they're trying to have us avoid other wars.

I offered a few choice places they could stick their wine and cheese. They never -- not once -- told me what I could do with my Yodels.

I said they're more interested in protecting buildings than they are protecting principles. They responded when you value the things that look good, you are doing good.

They said I struck from the gut and not the head.

They were right. I was way too emotional and more often way too strident.

They remained the utmost of decorum and dignified. I was more "shoot from the hip," and far from dignified.

They see this war on this day as proof great countries can make great mistakes. I see this day for what it is: April Fools.

Got you.

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