The French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin held a press conference following the Security Council meeting on Monday. He began by criticizing the U.S. view that military action may be necessary to compel Saddam Hussein to comply with Security Council resolutions.

"Nothing justifies military action right now," de Villepin said, advising that "we continue on this road" of inspections and "at the end Iraq will be disarmed."

French fries U.S. -- fair, or faux pas?

A sample of your responses:

Concerning France's current unsupportive position on Iraq,  Faux Pas ! Don't these guys (France) owe us a few favors for rescuing their butts twice in the past 100 years? One of those times from a megalomaniac butcher (Hitler) cast in the same mold as Saddam has been? What is with these people?
Jeffrey M.

The French and Chinese votes do not matter.  Bin Laden declared war against the US five years ago, ten if you count the original WTC bombing as the first announcement.  And Hussein has already declared that the first Gulf was is not ended in his defeat, but ours. So the US didn't need international approval for any of our unilateral actions, as we have unilaterally been singled out by those enemies.
Mark R.

I consider the French to be a serious speed bump in the world politic stage.  They have their own agenda and constantly thumb their nose at anything that can cause differences with the United States.  As a soldier, I have witnessed the French "personality" throughout the world and it seems they have a serious grudge against the United States.  Maybe its "diplomatic jealousy". As a country we cannot allow any nation or group of nations to dictate American policy.  If America does not take care of itself, no one else on the planet will.
John R.

France has a long history of not supporting the US. Everyone is suggesting that we wait until other countries come on board because they too will be effected by the impact that the war has on the global economy? If Saddam is given more time, the global economy could be at a much greater risk!
Bob O.
Middlebury, CT

We are always the ones who have to step up to the plate and defend the world.  Our troops will be the ones at risk so we should fight this battle when it is convenient for us.  If we wait for more "proof," (possibly coming in the form of another attack) it will be too late and then we might not be able to respond.   Who will our "allies" look to then for protection?
Rebecca F.
Austin, TX

The only things the French have done for the United States in the Twentieth Century is to get us involved where we had to come and bail them out. These small conflicts I am talking about include but are not limited to: World War 1, World War 2, French Indo-China War(Vietnam)...
Terry M.
Palm Bay, FL

Today's question of the day is posed in a very unprofessional manner as you refer to the French as "French fries" and fair or "faux" come on, this is a bona fide country, (with whom I usually don't agree with either) a possible ally, and you are portraying them as a joke.  Where has respect and unbiased reporting gone?  Between you and the president I can see why other countries think we are cowboys.  I wish you would go back to being somewhat traditional in reporting the national and international news.  I feel embarrassed to think other countries might be watching as you make light of the news to gain a greater market share of viewers.
Patti K.
Beloit, WI

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