So the British government has finally talked our government to let four British citizens imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay (search) go home. Under the promise that the Brits will pursue prosecutions, the U.S. has let the four go.

We shall see. Let's not forget that at least half a dozen of those released out of Gitmo have returned immediately to jihad against the United States.

Now, I would have let them rot in Gitmo ad infinitum. But the Brits are our friends, so we caved.

And Wednesday, The Independent — a London anti-war newspaper, headlined the news "A 1000 Days in Hell" and said, "the return of the last British detainees will not end the disgrace of Guantanamo."

Brit papers have also said Abu Ghraib (search) was a stain on America's reputation for a generation or some such tripe. This said on a day when a British Airways jet was turned around over the Atlantic and sent back to Heathrow because there was a French passport-carrying Moroccan on board who is on the terrorist do-not-fly list.

Now remember, the French have quietly been shipping Islamic preachers — imams — out of France if they get too frisky in their anti-West rhetoric. And the Germans are raiding one mosque after another scooping up suspected terrorists. The head of German intelligence said Islamists post a major threat in Germany.

So against the backdrop of all this quiet activity, Western Europe is doing just what the U.S. did at Guantanamo: Seize terrorists, hold them incommunicado and keep them out of commission.

A British newspaper still carping about holding jihadis at Gitmo? This is the crowd that most fully represents insects frozen in amber: curiosities of evolution stopped dead in their tracks while the world presses on.

Face it: The stupid factor of discussions about Gitmo are astounding and much of it has taken place in the pages of The Independent and others like it.

Gitmo was a good idea. The only problem with the good idea is bleeding hearts stand at the gates wailing, demanding the criminals who carry their passports should be allowed to come home.

We shall see. I bet the Brits regret it. I hope we don't.

That's My Word.

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