Fraternity Faces Disciplinary Action After Midget Entertainment Group Performs at Rush Event

The international headquarters of a fraternity is deciding how to discipline the chapter after a recruitment event featured a midget wrestling group that stimulated sex, stapled each other in the face and jumped onto the performers from a ladder, according to a report.

The Delta Upsilon fraternity at Northwestern University hired the Half Pint Brawlers to perform at an event recruiting new members with "Puppet the Psycho Dwarf" and "Little Justice."

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Justin Kirk, the fraternity's international executive director, said the fraternity will face disciplinary action since the event did not align with the fraternity's founding principles.

"The conduct of these members by holding this event is unbecoming of a man of DU and is not what we stand for," Kirk said.

The group, which describes itself as the "one and only hardcore midget wrestling group," uses "staple guns, thumb tacks, broken bottles, trash cans" and "the midgets bleed what little blood they have for your enjoyment," according to its Web site.

The university is investigating the event.

Police officials said the event didn't break any laws.

"Unless it gets to a point of a fight (in the audience) it doesn't fall under criminal law," said Evanston Police Department Cmdr. James Elliot.

The university student handbook calls hazing "any action taken or situation created, whether on or off university premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule for the purpose of affiliation with a group, team, club, or their organization."