The woman of your dreams is finally here.

She’s a slender, 5-foot, 7-inch Caucasian with dark brow, shoulder-length hair and an eternal orgasm face (either that or she’s in shock).

Meet Roxxxy, the world’s first sex robot, who is being touted as the sexbot of "peak performances."

But do you really want this life-size rubber doll as your girlfriend?

She sounds super fun at first thought. Supposedly, she’s sexy, knows soccer, and should be up for anything, erotically speaking. But let the realities of this fantasy sex partner sink in, and she may not be the dream girl most want, for reasons like these ...

You’ll want to undress her. But this isn’t because you want to be up against her flesh-like, naked body. A Victoria’s Secret model she’s not. The heinous black lingerie she’s sporting (a lacy top with a poorly matched thong and thigh-highs), with the cheesy lacy choker to boot, beg for an extreme makeover.

She’ll talk as much as your real girlfriend or wife. If you think that lifelike movements are all you’ll be getting, you’re wrong. Peace and quiet are not perks to be had in this relationship. Roxxxy was designed to have a conversation with you. And she likes it mushy: "I love holding hands with you." Even worse, she snores.

She talks like a child. The New Jersey-based company that made Roxxxy, True Companion LLC, claims the doll is intended to be "someone" its owner can talk and relate to. After all, the company’s founder explains, "sex only goes so far."

Yet the turn-off, for some, is that her language abilities are at a child’s level — simple. In all fairness, she will work on building her vocabulary, be able to put together pre-recorded words and sounds, as well as receive updates via the web that bolster her language capabilities. But seriously, playing babydoll can be cute for only so long.

She’ll wake the neighbors. A little bit of noise never hurt anybody, but your neighbors may need to ask you to keep it down. Roxxxy is known to unleash a vocal response, and quite a loud one. So keep a pillow handy.

You’ll basically be making love to a laptop. That’s right, a computer connected to cables comes out of her back, killing the lifelike efforts made by her creators. So in not ruining the moment, keep your hands on her custom-sized breasts.

She’s easy. Think about it. How long is your sexual interest maintained by real women who are "easy"? Don’t underestimate the importance of the chase -- the thrill of a little hard-to-get. No doubt, hearing her say "I know where you can put that hand" is almost irresistible, but the lack of anticipation with the unpredictable is going to get really old really fast.

She suffers from multiple personality disorder. Roxxxy isn’t just Roxxxy, but "Wild Wendy," "Frigid Farrah," "S&M Susan," "Mature Martha," and "Young" as well. Could be cool, though, if you’re into the unstable sort ...

She’s no cheap date. If you want to own Roxxy, expect to pay $7,000 to $9,000.

She doesn’t help out around the house. A perk of having a partner is that you have somebody who is supposed to be pulling his or her weight. Real women are known to do more than their fair share. Roxxxy can’t cook. She doesn’t vacuum. She doesn’t do anything you would want or need her to do outside of the bedroom.

She’s not a he. If you’re not into women, don’t sweat it. Rocky, a male version of Roxxxy, is in the works.

She can still get an STD of sorts. Non-human doesn’t mean virus-free. In fact, as with so many computers, you can anticipate that, sooner or later, you’ll be trying to rid her of a virus that she’s caught. Spending hours reinstalling her operating system and software may have you wondering if the sex was really worth it.

She’s not the "real deal." Companionship is being given as one of the main justifications for Roxxxy’s birth. This is so sad when you think about all of the humans out there who need a friend, mate, or lover — people who are way more interesting and who can connect with you so much better than artificial intelligence.

Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright is a sex educator, relationship expert, columnist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc. She is the author of several books including, "The Better Sex Guide to Extraordinary Lovemaking."