FOX News Ticker Help

Welcome to the FOX News Ticker, a free, stand-alone application that gives you the latest headlines directly on your desktop, without having to open a browser. We are now offering an upgrade to the ticker, FNC Ticker v1.2!

Download the Ticker

To download the FOX News Ticker Installer (1.55 MB), click on the image below:

* You must have the Flash 6 player and Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.

Choose "Save this file to disk" and click OK or click "Save." Then choose the location where you'd like to place the file (on your Desktop is easiest). Double-click the icon to run the Installer (FNCTicker.exe). The Installer will load the FNC Ticker.

The current application is for Microsoft's operating systems  only. We hope to shortly add Mac and UNIX/Linux versions.

How It Works

Double-click on the FNC icon to launch the Ticker. It will move directly to the bottom of your screen. You can layer other applications over it or resize the other windows in order to keep our Ticker visible at all times. You can also choose the "Always on Top" option to insure the ticker layers over any other open windows or applications on your desktop. You can access the "Always on Top" option by right-clicking on the FNC Ticker icon on your system tray.

When opened, the Ticker will access our servers to download and scroll through the latest headlines, section by section. You don't need to click anything. At the end of the cycle, it will refresh and access the servers again to check for new headlines.

Simply click on any yellow headline to read a full story. A browser window will open and take you directly to the story page on


The top row of buttons on the Ticker (Top Stories, Politics, Business, FOX Life, Views, Coming Up on FNC) will take you directly to the top 5 headlines in that section within the Ticker.

To the right of the buttons is a search text area, which will allow you to search and the Web -- with the results listed in one place! The results will open in a new browser window.

Next to the search area is the market data. The numbers will cycle through the DOW, NASDAQ and S&P numbers. Click anywhere in that area and you can quickly access our Business section, which will launch in a new browser window. As noted below the numbers, the market data is delayed 20 minutes. If the markets are closed, the closing data will be displayed.

If there is breaking news, an icon will appear directly above the navigation buttons. Click on that icon to see the breaking news headline. If a story is available on our site, you can click directly on the headline to read the story. Breaking headlines may not be clickable for a few moments because the story may not be available. In that case, the headline will just link to the home page of

To the right are four control buttons:
One to Close the application, one to Minimize it, one to Refresh (access the data feed again), and a Help button to access this page. If you minimize the application, simply roll your cursor over the icon in your System Tray and right-click your mouse to access the options to either restore to full size or close.

More Questions?

1. What is required to run the FOX News Ticker?
You need a PC with the latest version of Flash (version 6 or higher). If you do not have the latest version, please download it here. You also need Internet Explorer (version 4 or higher) installed on your computer. Note: You can use whichever browser you choose to actually view the stories.

1. When I try to install the FOX News Ticker, I don't seem to have the administrative rights on my computer to do it. Why is this?
In some networked environments, your network administrator will not allow you to modify your system software, add third-party plug-ins to your browser, and other things that may increase the functionality (but potentially decrease the safety) of your machine. In order to install the FOX News Ticker, you need to have 'admin' rights to your machine. Try calling your network administrator to see if you have or can get such access.

2. How often are the headlines updated?
Headlines refresh each cycle (approximately two-and-a-half minutes on a fast connection). But if you would like immediate updates, simply hit the Refresh button at the bottom of the far right icons.

3. The headlines don't seem to be updating. What could the problem be? What can I do to fix it?
There are four possible causes:
A) You have your Internet Explorer 'cache' settings set incorrectly.

On a PC, open up Internet Explorer, choose 'Tools > Internet Options > General > Temporary Internet Files (Settings)'. Make sure you have either the 'Every visit to the page' or 'Automatically' option selected.

B) You are connecting to the Internet through a proxy or a firewall which is caching old headlines and market data.

There are some things you can try to get around this. First, see (A) above and ensure your setting reads 'Every visit to the page'. Secondly, ask your network administrator if you can be taken off the proxy or if the proxy can be set to not cache files.

C) Your connection to the Internet was lost when your computer went to sleep, was turned off, or was unplugged.

Make sure you are online by accessing a Web page, and then try hitting the Refresh button on the far right side (bottom icon) of the Ticker to fetch a fresh feed. Often times, this will eliminate the problem.

D) There is a technical problem at

We will work to minimize these problems. If they occur, they should be fixed within an hour (but usually within minutes). If you consistently notice you aren't getting fresh headlines, however, the problem is probably not on our end.

4. Does FOX News install any spyware or other components on my computer or collect information on me in any way through the FOX News Ticker?
Absolutely not. FOX News has strict privacy guidelines. Please read our policy here. We will not collect any information on you without your consent. We do not install advertising modules or 'spyware' that can track your Web surfing habits or anything else you might not know about.

If you feel you may have spyware from another company installed on your machine, please visit SpyChecker or Ad-Aware and check for yourself.

5. How do I set a default browser to view the stories?
Note: If you have only one browser installed on your PC, it is automatically your default browser. You need Internet Explorer installed on your computer to run the ticker, but you can view stories in the browser of your choosing.

For Internet Explorer 
Start your browser.
On the 'View' menu (Internet Explorer 4.0) or 'Tools' menu (Internet Explorer 5.0), click 'Internet Options….'
On the 'Programs' tab, click the 'Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser' checkbox to select it, and then click 'OK'.
Quit and then restart Internet Explorer. When Internet Explorer restarts, you are prompted to set Internet Explorer as your default Web browser.
Click 'Yes'.

For Netscape
Quit Internet Explorer and then start Netscape Communicator.
If you are prompted to register Navigator as your default browser, click 'Yes'.
Otherwise, quit Netscape and:
In a folder in the 'NetscapeUsers' folder (default location is C:Program Files), find and edit (e.g., using Notepad) the file named 'prefs.js' (remember to make a back-up copy first), by changing "true" to "false" in the line that reads 'user_pref("browser.wfe.ignore_def_check", true);'. (If you don't find this line, Netscape may already be configured as your default browser.)
Start Netscape Communicator. You are prompted to set Netscape Navigator as your default Web browser. Click 'Yes'.


The FOX News Ticker is provided to you "as is." FOX News does not guarantee that the software is without errors, viruses and/or defects, but we have taken all reasonable care to ensure that the software contains no errors, viruses or defects. You ("the User") are advised to ensure that you take precautions to protect your computer from virus infection. FOX News will not be liable for any claims, actions, demands, losses, damages and/or costs which the User may sustain or suffer as a result of or connected to the software.

Contact Us

If you have more questions or any comments regarding the FOX News Ticker, please e-mail us at, and use the subject "FOX News Ticker."