FOXNews.com conducted an informal poll of readers to find out which accents made their hearts skip.

Men overwhelmingly voted for a general Southern accent as the one that made them melt.

"Having been raised around Scandinavian, Slavic and Italian accents, none of the Euro accents do much for me. But a syrupy Southern U.S. accent just winds me up (in a good way)," wrote Tom Nelson, a Midwesterner now living in North Carolina.

The Irish brogue came in a distant second, followed by PBS English and basically the rest of the world.

"A men's cologne saleswoman talked to me with a French accent and that was it," wrote Kevin Brogan. "Fortunately my wife was with me to keep me on Earth."

"Cute German girls glue my chin to my chest and tie my tongue," wrote apparent contortionist Joshua Avra. "I don't know why. Their English just devours me."

Female readers, on the other hand, were less definitive in their choices. An aristocratic English accent squeaked by the Stars and Bars, with Australians nipping at their heels.

"Give me a great British accent any day!" Wendy Kurtzer wrote. "It makes even an idiot sound smart and I think that's sexy!"

But Brooklynite Laura McGowan fell for a guy from the Peach State:

"I always said I was going to marry me a Southern boy with a nice soft Southern accent. This may fall under the category 'opposites attract' but I married a Southerner from Georgia. For a while he always thought I was yelling at him, and sometimes listening to him I thought I was going deaf as he speaks so soft and low! However, to this day his voice makes me weak in the knees (when I can hear it)!!"

Strangely enough, so many self-admittedly embarrassed women confessed to going gooey over the universally ridiculed "New Yawk" accent that they earned Gotham gab a strong No. 7 spot on the list.

But native Californian Angel Del Rio, writing from San Francisco, put the matter to rest with this anecdote:

"I used to love ANY foreign accent in a man. Then, in my twenties I traveled a lot and going from to country to country. I always thought that the guys from THAT country had the best, sexiest accent. Those were the days of NOT liking my own country and the men in it. In the process, I grew up. Now I love American men.

"Accents don't mean very much. What's important is if the guy and I understand each other. To be honest, accents can become rather old, very quickly. In fact, after a while they can become a source of irritation. And they can be a source of ridicule on both sides.

"A man's character and personality are the important things ... not his accent."