FOX News Poll: Recalls Make Toys Less Popular Gifts

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A majority of Americans think products imported from China are unsafe, and most people will either avoid Chinese-made toys or not buy toys at all this holiday season, according to the latest FOX News poll.

In light of the recalls, nearly half of Americans — 45 percent — say they will skip the toy aisle all together and buy something else as gifts, while 26 percent will only buy toys not made in China and 13 percent say they will buy the toys they want regardless of where they were made.

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Furthermore, 57 percent of Americans say they will spend less on toys this year, while 34 percent say they will spend about the same amount and 7 percent will spend more.

All in all, 65 percent of Americans think Chinese-made products are unsafe — more than twice as many as think they are safe (27 percent).

"The ‘China’ brand has been weakened by the many recent stories about unsafe products," Opinion Dynamics CEO John Gorman said. "Particularly when children and pets are involved, it is easy for people to react strongly."

There are no real partisan differences on this issue, although there are large variations among other groups. For example, Westerners are more accepting of products made in China than those living in other regions of the country, as 41 percent think Chinese products are safe compared to 26 percent of those living in the Northeast, 24 percent of Southerners and 20 percent of Midwesterners.

Older Americans are among those most likely to say products made in China are harmful: 73 percent of those age 55 plus and 81 percent of those over age 65 think the products are unsafe.

While shopping this holiday season, 70 percent of Americans overall and fully 83 percent of moms say they will check the country where the product was made before buying it.

The national telephone poll was conducted for FOX News by Opinion Dynamics Corp. among 900 registered voters from Nov. 13 to Nov. 14. The poll has a 3-point error margin.