FOX News Poll: Most Americans Think There Will Be Extensive Voter Fraud

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Most Americans think there will be extensive voter fraud in the upcoming presidential election. A FOX News poll released Wednesday shows 60 percent think it is either "very" likely, 28 percent, or "somewhat" likely, 32 percent, there will be widespread fraud in voting this year, and 35 percent think it is unlikely.

Furthermore, nearly half, 47 percent, think if there is fraud it is more likely to favor Democrats, while just over a third thinks it will favor Republicans, 35 percent. In fact, 23 percent of Democrats think if voter fraud takes place it is more likely to favor their party, while 11 percent of Republicans think it would favor their candidates.

What concerns voters about allegations of misconduct with voter registration efforts? Slightly more voters say they are concerned because they think the election may be stolen (38 percent) than because their vote may not count, (32 percent).

The results come amid a scandal involving ACORN — the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. According to the Associated Press, the FBI is looking into possible evidence of a nationwide effort by ACORN to commit voter registration fraud.

The poll finds that twice as many voters have a negative view of ACORN (37 percent) as have a favorable opinion of the organization (17 percent). Many voters either did not have an opinion (15 percent) or had never heard of the group (30 percent)

Opinion Dynamics Corp. conducted the national telephone poll of 900 likely voters for FOX News from Oct. 20 to Oct.21. The poll has a 3-point error margin. "Likely voters" are registered voters who are considered more likely to vote in the November presidential election.

Many voters doubt the outcome of this year's race for the White House will be known the night of the election. About a third of Americans (30 percent) think the outcome will be known the next day, 11 percent think it will take several days and 9 percent a week or longer. Just under half (47 percent) think the winner will be known that night.

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