FOX Is Fair

For a long time now, we've been telling New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer (search) and his folks that we don't bite. Really!

We just ask questions — some tough questions — but always, I hope, fair questions. A great leader can handle that. Tuesday, Eliot Spitzer proved that.

He knew this would be no fawning interview. But I hope he also knew this would be no hatchet interview.

We asked the questions people wanted answered. And, to the best of his ability, he answered them.

I think he comported himself well.

There are many who wouldn't. Many who don't. Many who are scared of tough questions.

They avoid FOX News Channel and yes, some avoid my show. But the ones who do come on suddenly discover we're not so bad, or so evil. We're just trying to do our job with no agenda and no pre-conceived notions.

What we ask isn't always obvious, or always popular, or even what others ask at all. But I like to think what we ask is important.

The best leaders are the ones who take on those questions.

I'll take the attorney general at his word that he wasn't avoiding me all these years. I hope he sees now that while I ask tough, but fair questions, he simply has no reason to avoid me in the future.

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