FOX in the Henhouse

Finally, tonight, some self-serving comments. So be forewarned.

I was at a conference recently where the subject of FOX News came up among a lot of important journalists.

One said we were a freak phenomenon and one that would surely fade. Another, remarking on my own show's success, said was proof you can hype business news. And on and on.

I had some choice words for them. Let me cut to the chase for you.

Nothing brings out the critics like success. It almost makes me long for the days when I toiled in obscurity. Not!

My point is this: FOX is derided as freakish for being fair. As an anomaly because we reveal the asinine.

Another news network thought we'd die once the war on terror started because that esteemed channel would be the place all heads would turn.

They didn't.

Another financial channel insisted that once the markets picked up, so would viewer-ship.

It hasn't.

One after another they've derided FOX as a farce. If so, I say this: it takes a farce to know an even bigger farce.

In Shakespeare's time they were called fools — the ones who knew the real skinny. Trust me I'm not skinny and I'm certainly not Shakespeare.

But I do know something about food and something more about sour grapes.

Believe me, when they were wupping me, I didn't blast them. I just toiled away trying to be better than them. I'm not cocky enough — or naive enough — to think good fortune lasts.

But I'm paranoid enough — and foolish enough — to think I better work at making sure it does.

So blast away, because like it or not, my good journalistic colleagues, this FOX is in your henhouse. And he's here to stay.

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