Fox 411: Marc Rich's Wife May Have Visited the States Last Fall

Marc Rich's Wife May Have Visited the States Last Fall, Went to Denise Rich Party | Jennifer Lopez Spirals Out, But Butterfly Is Beautiful | Denise's Childhood Pal Is a Very Close Friend of Bill

Marc Rich's Wife May Have Visited the States Last Fall, Went to Denise Rich Party

So Marc Rich — with 17 corporate offices registered in his name in the U.S. — couldn't come home prior to his pardon on Jan. 20. But that may not have stopped his second wife, Gisela.

Apparently, Gisela — who is not banned from travel in the U.S. — was a guest at the Fifth Avenue penthouse of Rich's first wife, songwriter/socialite Denise Rich, on Oct. 11, 2000. The occasion was a lavish party for former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who received an award from Rich's G&P Charitable Foundation. Other guests included Barbara Walters, Gabriel Byrne and Jane Seymour. The New York Post's Page Six has already reported that Jack Quinn, a former Clinton attorney who now represents Marc Rich, was there as well.

"Gisela was there," insisted a close pal of Denise who shook hands with the former Gisela Rossi. "She had long blonde hair and Denise introduced her as 'my friend Gisela.' And so was Hillary Clinton. But for some reason Hillary never went upstairs that night. She must have known Gisela was there and didn't want to be photographed with her."

And what would the second Mrs. Rich — whom the first Mrs. Rich is said to loathe — be doing in her home one month before the presidential election?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Jennifer Lopez Spirals Out, But 'Butterfly' Is Beautiful 

How ironic: Mariah Carey had an insipid little number called "Butterfly" a couple of years ago that was just uhhhhhh ... boring. Columbia Records did what it could to push it along, although it was just more breathy yodeling.

Now Columbia has a single by a new group called Crazy Town — and it's called "Butterfly." What a hit! Very few records jump off what used to be called the turntable these days — or pop out of the CD player. But "Butterfly" is just one of those great, nutty grooves. If it's sampled from something, I don't what it is, but god bless 'em. Crazy Town's members are Shifty Shellshock (vocals), Epic Mazur (vocals), Rust Epique (guitar), Trouble Valli (guitar), Faydoedeelay (bass), DJ AM (turntables) and JBJ (drums).

The record is number two and I predict it will be in the Top Ten for many, many weeks. And it's a regular old single, not an album cut. Between this and Shaggy, hope springs up again for great pop music.

Maybe Crazy Town will bail Columbia out on the disastrous Jennifer Lopez album J-Lo. As of Tuesday, the poor thing had moved only 809,000 copies domestically — a mere 92,000 last week — even though, of course, it has that bogus Recording Industry Association of America platinum certification for 1 million sold.

It sits at number six rather forlornly, a referendum on Jennifer and Puffy's problems. If Puffy is acquitted of various counts of mischief, will it help sales? Something better. Lopez gets millions from Sony/Columbia and they want something back in return.

Denise's Childhood Pal Is a Very Close Friend of Bill 

Beth Dozoretz, Denise Rich's childhood pal and the former finance chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, took the Fifth yesterday. Good thing.

I am told that U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White's office will subpoena Denise Rich's phone records to see if she chatted with her ex-husband, whom she supposedly despises, in the months leading up to the pardon.

A source close to Rich also told me that those phone records, if obtained accurately, will show a lot of interesting calls. Some of them would be between former President Bill Clinton and the Aspen, Colo., home of Dozoretz. "Denise spent Christmas in Aspen at Beth's and the president called them there a few times," my source said.

Dozoretz, formerly Beth Goldman, grew up with the former Denise Eisenberg in Worcester, Mass. Friends say that Dozoretz is the person who got Denise interested in politics, or at least in donating money to Clinton and associated causes. Dozoretz and her husband are listed on Rich's G&P Charitable Foundation as major donors.

Before this latest episode, Dozoretz has quietly been at Clinton's side for years. She even named him the godfather of her baby daughter in 1996, although technically by Jewish law there is no such thing as a godparent and Mrs. Dozoretz has two brothers to fill the job if needed.

Dozoretz has been married to her third husband — Dr. Ron Dozoretz, president and owner of FHC Health Systems — since 1989. They live in Virginia and have enormous personal wealth, according to Virginia Business Magazine circa 1997, of about $250 million.

Beth Dozoretz, according to reported White House records, visited President Clinton 76 times (could be a record for someone not in the Cabinet or Congress) in his last two years in office. But Dozoretz's friendship with Clinton brought them into contact much more than that, my source said.

The Dozoretzes, in addition to naming the president their daughter's godfather, gave the Clintons gifts of golf clubs and a dining room table. Mrs. Dozoretz was the only woman in the president's golf foursome on Sept. 1, 1997, up in Martha's Vineyard, Mass., when he received the news that Princess Diana had passed away.

Until Mrs. Dozoretz got involved with the Clinton administration her husband had been extremely active in politics. Since Mrs. Dozoretz became so active in the party, Dr. Dozoretz's name has ceased to be cited anywhere in press clippings except as an adjunct to hers.

In 1987, an ad agency Dozoretz owned was owed $400,000 by Gary Hart's failed presidential campaign. When Dozoretz — who then owned a chain of alcohol treatment centers — agreed to accept a measly 10 percent settlement, the Federal Election Campaign office questioned the deal. Dozoretz was a close personal adviser to Hart on health issues, according to wire reports. He was also briefly mentioned as a possible Democratic candidate for one of Virginia's seats in the U.S. Senate.