Fox 411: 2004 Columns

April 2004

4/30/2004: DA Changes Dates of Jacko Accusations
4/30/2004: Source: Jacko Accuser's Mother Uses Court Props
4/29/2004: Mel Brooks Cutting Songs From New 'Producers' Movie?
4/28/2004: Kevin Spacey's Family Secrets Are Out
4/27/2004: Jacko Fires the Nation of Islam
4/26/2004: Pierce Brosnan: My Name Is 'Poppy,' Not Bond
4/22/2004: 411: Jacko Case: Did DA Contact Family Early On?
4/21/2004: Richard Gere: Don't Trust Bush
4/20/2004: Prayers and Good Wishes for Tony Randall
4/19/2004: Jacko Accuser's Testimony 'Shaky'
4/16/2004: 'Apprentice' Stars Party After Show
4/15/2004: Madonna's Kiddie Books Sold Next to Bibles
4/14/2004: New Jacko Case: Is There Another in Germany?
4/13/2004: Janet's 'Damita Jo' in Downward Spiral
4/12/2004: Howard Stern's Obscenity Fine: Leno's Problem Now?
4/8/2004: Tarantino Makes 'Kill Bill Vol. 2' a Tour de Force
4/2/2004: Jacko's 'Ex-Rabbi': Did $100,000 Go to Charity?
4/1/2004: Jacko: Another Doctor Will Testify

March 2004

3/31/2004: Janet's Biggest Fear: Usher's Coming
3/30/2004: Whitney's Mom to Lead Prayer Vigil on Drugs
3/29/2004: Janet and Justin: Together Again
3/26/2004: Jacko's Grand Jury: Videographer Called In
3/25/2004: Martha Stewart: Buying Jail Buddies in Advance?
3/24/2004: Whitney: Left Rehab Before It Started?
3/23/2004: Nicole Kidman in Chains
3/22/2004: Virgin Will Pay Stars to Play With Janet
3/19/2004: Courtney in Trouble With the Law Again?
3/18/2004: Courtney Love Fights for Career, Daughter
3/17/2004: Mick Jagger Disses Us Weekly
3/16/2004: Into The Rock Hall of Fame
3/15/2004: Is Howard Stern Getting Sirius?
3/12/2004: Jacko Security Guard: Singer Is Innocent
3/11/2004: Mariah's World in Turmoil Again?
3/10/2004: Bennifer: Mama Affleck Didn't Interfere
3/9/2004: Jessica Simpson Buffalo Wings It to No. 2
3/8/2004: Getting 'Cheeky' With Sting and Trudie
3/5/2004: Jacko's New 'Doctor': No Scrubs, No Diploma
3/4/2004: Billy Joel's Future Father-In-Law Approves
3/3/2004: 'Sopranos' Shocker: Tony Kisses?
3/2/2004: Michael Richards: Kramer's Curse
3/1/2004: Julia and Nicole: Oscar Backstage

February 2004

2/29/2004: Sting, Costello Serenade for Miramax
2/27/2004: Jacko: Did Private Eye Tape Him?
2/26/2004: Elton John: Just Joss for Party
2/25/2004: Exclusive: Debbie Rowe Wants Respect, Not Custody
2/24/2004: 'Rush Hour' Actor, Director: Inside Info on Jacko
2/23/2004: 'Passion' Panned in Early Reviews
2/21/2004: Poll: Janet Jackson's Act Crass, Not Federal Case
2/20/2004: Mel Gibson: $5 Mil to Fringe Church
2/19/2004: Oscarmania: 'Rings,' Renee, Robbins and More
2/18/2004: Jacko $aved: But Family Almost Wrecked Deal
2/17/2004: Jacko Scandal: Photos of Accuser, Family Run in U.K.
2/16/2004: Gibson's Price for 'Passion': Maybe $50 Million
2/13/2004: Gibson's 'Passion' in Very 'Select' Theatres
2/12/2004: John Grisham Movie Can't Find Distributor
2/12/2004: Sting, the Dalai Lama's Tailor and Other Grammy Tales
2/11/2004: Steven Tyler Gets 'Cool'
2/9/2004: Justin Timberlake Gets Debut Movie Role
2/8/2004: Janet Rejects CBS Offer
2/8/2004: Janet, Justin Invited Back to Grammys
2/6/2004: Jacko Mystery Witness Revealed
2/5/2004: Jacko Accuser's Mom Was in Mental Hospital
2/4/2004: Belushi Will Finally Get Hollywood Star
2/3/2004: Luther Vandross: Worse Than Thought
2/2/2004: Jacko Accuser's Mom: Just Call Him 'Daddy'

January 2004

1/30/2004: Jacko: Lyrics Mention Drug Use
1/29/2004: Vanity Fair: Lifting Jacko News From the National Enquirer?
1/27/2004: Oscars: 'Rings' Is 2004's 'Titanic'
1/26/2004: J-Lo's New Boss
1/26/2004: Barbra Streisand to Be in 'Meet the Fockers'?
1/26/2004: HBO's Party Beats Vanity Fair's
1/23/2004: J-Lo, Ben and the Legacy They Leave
1/22/2004: Reagan's Son to Pen Anti-Bush Editorial
1/21/2004: Ray Romano Wants to Stay on the Air
1/21/2004: Ray Romano Wants to Stay on the Air
1/20/2004: A-List Divas Descend on Sundance
1/19/2004: Jacko Dream Team Named
1/16/2004: Oscar Chaos: Guild Choices Are Head-Scratchers
1/16/2004: Accuser's Lawyer Could Be Witness
1/14/2004: Jacko Bombshell: 'Jewish' Ex-Wife vs. Nation of Islam
1/14/2004: '60 Minutes' Producer Hewitt: Times Won't Print His Letter
1/13/2004: Jacko: Bailed Out of Financial Mess by Friends
1/12/2004: Jacko Financial Crisis: Beatles Bill Due
1/9/2004: Jacko Spent New Year's Eve With 'Oliver!' Star
1/8/2004: Jacko Lays Low at Nation of Islam 'Safe House'
1/7/2004: Jacko Fans 'Scared' by Nation of Islam
1/6/2004: Best Actor? Sean Penn vs. Everyone Else
1/5/2004: Jacko Defense: He Wasn't There
1/4/2004: Jacko, Page Six, Yada Yada Errata
1/2/2004: CBS and Jacko: New York Times Reporter's Second Mistake?