Four Pakistani Brothers Hanged for Killing 13 Relatives in Land Feud

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Pakistan on Tuesday executed four brothers convicted of killing 13 of their relatives in a feud over land.

The men, all in their 50s, were hanged at New Central Jail in Multan, a major city in the eastern province of Punjab, prison official Mobashir Malik said.

The four used axes to kill two uncles and their families — wives, children and grandchildren — in the 1999 attack in Basti Lakha, a village east of Multan.

The brothers, who accused the uncles of occupying their farmland, were sentenced to death in 2000. Also convicted was their father, who was given life in prison. He has since died.

The four lost appeals in two higher courts, and last year President Gen. Pervez Musharraf rejected their pleas for clemency, Malik said.

Such feuds are common in rural areas of Pakistan and can last for generations, claiming scores of lives.