Forward Leap for Human Rights

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Human rights took a giant leap forward with the capture of Saddam Hussein (search). His regime was responsible for at least 300,000 political murders, and we now know he won’t return.

But there are other governments and terrorist organizations that continue to violate human rights as a matter of course, and The Nation magazine has found the chief culprit among them:

“Who is leading the assault [against human rights]?” it asks in its online edition. “Not the scattered bands of terrorists, who rely on fear and chaos to magnify their threat and disguise their essential weakness. It is the world's sole superpower… that is now shaking off all legal constraints to unleash the most destructive military machine in history.”

In case you didn’t get it, The Nation magazine is referring to us, the people of the United States, as the leading opponents of human rights.

“In the guise of attacking and eliminating evil, our government is attacking and eliminating the full spectrum of rights designed to protect human life and dignity.”

Saddam Hussein, Usama bin Laden (search) and others didn’t rate a mention in the article, which can be found on The Nation’s Web site.

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