Fooled You Once...

A lot of people who watch this show know I have a problem with politicians who hike taxes. I have a bigger problem with politicians who campaigned saying they never would.

I'm from New Jersey and my new governor is Jon Corzine. I think he's a decent enough guy, but I think he's a slippery guy too.

He said he would cut property taxes. But, lo and behold, when he gets in office, he says things stink a lot worse than he thought. Now the cut's a joke and other taxes are fair game; like the state sales tax — he wants to up it a penny. And that's just for starters.

And all because he had no idea the books were so bad.

His predecessor was a Democrat! What, the guy didn't share the figures with him? Please! I've heard that one before.

Jim Florio said he wouldn't raise taxes either in my state. But he did, by the biggest amount of any state.

Bill Clinton had to renege on a middle class tax cut because the budget deficit turned out to be worse than he thought.

Do these guys think we're idiots?

I guess they do. And I guess we are. Because we keep electing people who tease us with tax cuts when they're wooing us, then stick us with the bill after they've screwed us.

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