A quick trip around Hannity's America...

$787 Billion Waste

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn released a list of the 100 biggest stimulus wastes Tuesday — a list that closely resembles the one that we brought you just a couple of weeks ago. And like us, Coburn highlighted the $800,000 that went to the John Murtha Airport — you know, the airport that averages only 20 passengers a day and sends them all to Washington, D.C.

Number seven on Senator Coburn's list is the $1.5 million that went to build the guardrail for an Oklahoma lake. Unfortunately that lake doesn't exist.

But our personal favorite is the "eco-passage" being created in Florida that will allow turtles to pass under the highway safely. It will only cost you $3.4 million.

The Florida Department of Transportation defend this project on the grounds that, "A lot of turtles are quite large. They get hit by a car and they turn into flying objects."

I'm not so sure. If you live in the world of Mario Kart, maybe that's a scenario worth planning for. But I think those of us in the real world can save our money for more realistic dangers.

Meet George Obama

Good news for the half-brother of President Obama. The AP reports that George Obama, who lives in Kenya, has inked a big-time book deal with the publisher Simon and Schuster. In the book, George plans to talk about his criminal past and how he ended up turning to community organizing.

Really? Community organizing? That sounds familiar. I guess it runs in the family.

Not surprisingly, the AP doesn't hide their admiration of the president's half-brother. The article says that he identifies with the poor so strongly that he "chooses to live among them." But then in the very next paragraph they divulge that George's book deal is rumored to be six figures.

Quite a pay day.

Manson for Congress?

A new study on serial killers has a surprising connection to — believe it or not — our elected officials in Washington.

Jim Kouri of the National Association of Chiefs of Police shows that many of the same personality traits possessed by serial killers are also similar to qualities that are commonly associated with politicians. You know, things like: glibness, superficial charm, pathological lying and failure to accept responsibility.

Is it me or could that list be mistaken for the resumes of many members of Congress?

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