Florida Woman Wins First Round of Fight to Keep Her 200 Cats

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A Florida woman has won the first round of a nasty cat fight with her neighbors, getting the go-ahead to keep more than 200 felines at her home, at least temporarily.

The Volusia County Planning and Land Development Regulation Commission recommended Monday that Kristy Grant, of Pierson, Fla., be allowed to keep her cats, designating her home as an animal sanctuary.

The ruling came with a set of conditions, including not adding any more cats to her litter, according to Dave Byron, the county's spokesman.

"Ironically, no one really knows how many cats she has except the woman herself," Byron told FOX News, noting that the county believes Grant has well over 200 cats on her property.

Grant must also feed the animals inside, keep them on her property and make sure the animals do not escape.

But residents said that's not enough and the litter of cats are nothing more than a nuisance. One neighbor, Ray Mackowski, said he's fed up with Grant's cats sleeping on his car and defecating up and down his driveway.

"They feel like the cats have preyed on the natural birds and other things that cats do, I guess," Byron said.

Grant has already fenced in her property, but animal control said the fence won't keep the cats from getting out. She hopes to install an electric fence but added that she will need help raising the money.

The county council will have final say on the Grant cat matter Aug. 17, when they vote on the planning commission's recommendation.

FOXNews.com's Sara Bonisteel and The Associated Press contributed to this report.