Florida Woman Arrested for Leaving Mother Dying on Floor for 2 Weeks

A woman was charged with leaving her mother to die languishing on the floor for two weeks after she suffered a debilitating fall.

Helen Frizzell, 94, died hours after she was found by authorities in November. According to police, her 65-year-old daughter brought her food, cleaned her and used bug spray to keep away swarming insects.

Carole Mae Frizzell told police she could not lift her mother, who insisted that she not call 911.

Authorities did not arrest Carole Frizzell for more than three months because they were awaiting an arrest warrant and were unsure how to charge her.

Records show she was arrested Tuesday afternoon and charged with felony neglect of an elderly person. She was released after posting $50,000 bail. Records do not indicate whether she has an attorney, and she did not have a listed home phone number.

Helen Frizzell was found after her daughter tried to buy a car for $15,000 in cash and aroused the suspicion of salesman Steve Forshaw. He went to pick up Carole Frizzell at her home to finish the transaction and she told him her mother was dying.

Forshaw called 911 and said he was escorted into a back room where the elder Frizzell had fallen.

"She was lying on the floor collapsed over," Forshaw said. "She looked like a mannequin in the corner. I said 'Is she OK, is she alive?' She poked her and yelled 'Mom' and she groaned."

Neighbors said the Frizzells kept to themselves and rarely had visitors.