Florida Teacher Suspended After Duct-Taping Student to Desk

A Jacksonville, Fla., middle school teacher was suspended Tuesday for 10 days without pay after duct-taping a student to his desk, Local6.com reports.

The Duval County School Board voted to suspend Kasey Goodin after hearing the Kirby-Smith Middle School teacher's report on what happened. Goodwin claims the incident was a joke, and the student was laughing throughout. School board members did not think it was funny.

"It's just not funny for a child to be taped, whether it's in jest or it's a disciplinary measure," School Board Chair Betty Burney told Local6.com.

Local6.com reports Goodin took duct tape and taped the student's leg to his desk before she used the masking tape to tape his hands and his face.

Goodwin told the board in a written statement, "There was a light-hearted mood in the class as I walked to the supply closet and removed a roll of purple duct tape and a roll of masking tape … The class was laughing. I was laughing. The student was laughing."

The teacher added, "This incident, was in reality, an opportunity to have fun with the students while getting a message to them. Looking back, I know that it was inappropriate for me to break the lines of formality."

The student involved has since been removed from Goodin's classroom, Local6.com reports.

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