Florida Community Offers $1,500 Reward for Swan Killers' Identity

The residents of a Florida apartment complex are offering a $1,509 reward for information that will help identify the killers of a beloved female swan, MyFoxTampa reported Sunday.

The slain swan was part of a prized pair of birds that lived in a roadside lake at the Shadow Run Apartment Complex in Pinellas Park. Managers of the complex said the murdered swan's male companion continuously searches for her, and that they are concerned that he will die of a broken heart, as is common in swan couples.

"Just like human beings, some will pass right away, some will take longer," Fliordaliza Ortiz, assistant manager of the complex, told MyFoxTampa.

Adding to the tragedy, the dead swan was expecting--carrying eggs when she died, according to the report.

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The killing has traumatized the lake's swan population, residents said. The widowed swan spends most of his time alone looking for his mate, while two other pairs of swans that live in the lake have also been noticeably distrubed by the killing, MyFoxTampa reported.

A group of teenagers are suspected of beating the swan to death with a tree branch, and police are investigating.

The community cremated the swan and the complex management now keeps the ashes in an urn.