Flight Delay Saves 3 from Devastating Buffalo Plane Crash

Three people booked on the Continental commuter flight that crashed and killed all 49 on board missed the plane because of a delay in their connection.

Dave Beckeny, Paul Dwaragowski and a third unidentified business associate were booked on Flight 3407 but never boarded the doomed plane because they were held up for five hours in New Orleans, WCBS 880 Radio in New York reported.

It was a delay that saved their lives.

Beckeny and Dwaragowski told the station in an interview that they are demolition construction workers who were to fly from New Orleans to Buffalo with a connection in Newark, N.J., where the Continental flight originated.

Beckeny said he got a call from his wife about the plane crash in Buffalo.

"It was pretty emotional," he told the station. "It's a scary feeling, knowing that we were supposed to be on that plane."

Dwaragowski said he received 10 phone calls informing him of the disaster.

"We're just shaking our heads," he said. "It was weird how it all came about."

The commuter prop jet was heading to Buffalo from Newark and was attempting to land in foggy, snowy weather when it dipped suddenly and crashed into a house in a Buffalo suburb, killing all 49 on board and 1 person in the home.

The three passengers who weren't on the plane have been scheduled for a 6:40 flight Saturday morning out of Newark.

"As much as I don’t want to go on this plane at all, I just want to see my family," Dwaragowski told WCBS.

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