Fleeting Nature of Fame and Fortune

I've written about this so many times because I've seen it so many times and sadly noted it so many times.

Again, last night a former CEO, a former media superstar, lamenting the days he was a CEO, missing the days he was a superstar — no more, no longer pursued, no longer chased, no longer even quoted. He misses it, he says, and talks about being in "ego withdrawal."

A sympathetic colleague, himself a former CEO, agrees. "It's not the same when you're not in the game," he says.

They're both old, both rich and both otherwise happy — even funny.

One talks about how he can't cheat at golf now. "No more mulligans," he says.

Another talks about how he can't get those "got-to-get" seats at the "got-to-get-into" restaurants.

"We're just two old buzzards who don't matter anymore," one of them snickers. The other laughs.

Then later that night, they both go their own way after each giving their time and still good name to a good cause that after this good evening will be nothing more than a good memory.

Such is fame. Such is fortune.

Such, I guess, is life.

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