Was the pig a victim of a drive-by shooting? That's one theory to explain how a bullet wound up in Diane Johnson's pork loin casserole (search).

She said there was no mistaking the projectile's distinct shape in the pork loin she bought at a Publix grocery store.

All meat is scanned with a metal detector before reaching Publix shelves, said Dwaine Stevens, spokesman for the company in Florida.

It's not clear how the scanners missed the bullet — or how the bullet got in the pork loin in the first place.

Stevens said someone may have fired into a herd of grazing livestock.

According to the Wisconsin Pork Association (search), professional slaughterhouses don't shoot animals, for employee safety and meat quality concerns.

Johnson, 74, said she was satisfied with a $10 dollar refund and another fresh pork loin from Publix.

She said she didn't plan to sue because no one got hurt.