Three years after undergoing the world’s first partial face transplant, Isabelle Dinoire said she is still struggling to come to terms with her looks.

Dinoire, a 41-year-old divorced mother of two from northern France, said she faces uncertainty every day when she looks in the mirror, the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

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"It's not hers, it's not mine, it's somebody else's,” Dinoire said in an exclusive interview with journalist Vanessa Pontet on Reporters, a program about face transplants broadcast in France.

"Before the operation, I expected my new face would look like me,” she continued, “but it turned out after the operation that it was half me and half her."

In May 2005, Dinoire was rushed to the hospital after her dog mauled her face.

Six months later, she was given a new nose, mouth and chin at Amiens Hospital in France.

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