Fine Whine

There's a great article in New Jersey's Star-Ledger newspaper about pro athletes who whine:

Big-name players who whine about wanting to leave lousy teams.

Lousy players who whine about "measly" $10 million paychecks.

Great players who whine about mediocre coaches.

Mediocre coaches who whine about getting fired.

And on and on…

Why is it that those who are the most blessed and gifted in this country are the first to carp and complain in this country?

I think of the average Joe or Joanne trying to get by to put food on the table.

I think of what they must think of spoiled athletes who have so much more and who you'd think would complain so much less. But they don't and they won't. Because, as the Ledger points out, many of them feel entitled.

Fortunately not all athletes act this way.

But there are enough loud ones, obnoxious ones, childish ones, to make our own children think it's OK to swing a bat, or spit at an umpire, or refuse to play, or go storming out of a clubhouse.

Even our kids know better.

It's a pity some of our highest priced and pampered athletes who've been given the blessings most of us would envy in life, can't do something simpler and just get a life.

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