Fine Dining

If you could have your dream lunch with anyone on the planet, with whom would it be?

I ask that question because Warren Buffett (search) is auctioning off on eBay (search) the opportunity for one lucky fan to do just that... with him! To the highest bidder goes the very high honor of a sandwich with the Sage.

Last year's winner forked over $200,000 for that opportunity. Man, that's a fan! Me? I don't know.

First off, regardless of who it was, I wouldn't be shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for the opportunity.

After all, this isn't NBC News here. There are better ways to get chats than that! That's a joke, by the way.

But all this din-din debate got me thinking.

I'd love to have a sit-down with the pope. That would be neat. But I think I'd be nervous. And he'd no doubt lecture me about all that Victoria's Secret video on my show.

Actually, any of the Victoria's Secret models would be fun too. But I think my wife would be mad. So that wouldn't do.

Neil Armstrong would be a blast. But he's so ticked since that one barber was hawking his hair on eBay, he'd no doubt be making sure I didn't steal his napkin.

I've given this some thought and the people I most like to break bread with don't break much news.

They're not famous. They're not quoted. They're not known.

Most are average guys who eat beyond average portions. I like guys like that — surprise.

They're real, not real rich. They're usually not real well known — just real.

They spill spaghetti sauce on their ties and think nothing of it. No fancy guys. No fancy restaurant. No fancy anything. Just good company and good food, where the only thing not required is a steep entry fee.

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