Finally Some Politicians Taking Action

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We'll have the latest on the hunt for bin Laden in a moment.  His time may be near.

But first, authorities are finally taking some action to help the 9/11 families.  That is the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

Senator Hillary Clinton and New York Attorney General Elliott Spitzer held a press conference today to announce the appointment of an overseer to help the 9/11 families.  Also there is now a number the families can call to hopefully get information about the charity mess.  That number is 1-866-689-HELP, 1-866-689-HELP.

Of course, sane people, including us, have been calling for an overseer for months, and I've read hundreds of your letters asking the obvious question, why didn't this happen before?  Well, here's the answer.

It's my opinion that Hillary Clinton finally got involved in this situation because we reported two weeks ago she had not attended any of the funerals of everyday Americans killed in the attack, nor had she visited their families.  Mrs. Clinton was roundly embarrassed, so she decided to swing into action, and that action may be very helpful.

As for Attorney General Spitzer, he's been trying to help all along, but for some reason has not been very effective.  Maybe he needed the clout of the Feds because New York Governor Pataki has been MIA in this controversy.

But the question remains, why have so many institutions, the Red Cross, the United Way, the state of New York, Senator Clinton, and on and on, why have so many of these people not been aggressive in helping the suffering families?

The answer is not pretty.  Unfortunately, most powerful people in this country spend most of their time thinking about themselves, not thinking about how to help others.  It was obvious to any American paying attention that the chaos surrounding the $1.5 billion donated to the 9/11 families was so intense it needed dramatic action to fix it.  But powerful people in America, generally speaking, do not like dramatic action.  It is too dangerous.  They might get criticized, so they play it safe.

Now the American people have risen up and demanded the authorities help the families.  Part of that is because of reporting done here on The Factor, but most of that is because of your outrage.  When it comes right down to it, the American people do have the most power in our republic.  This vividly demonstrates that you can make a difference.

In the beginning, you gave your money, and then when that money was tied up in red tape and apathy, you got angry.  And that's why there is better news ahead for the families.  The powerful were forced to do the right thing, or they themselves would suffer.

That's why the issue is finally getting resolved.

And that's the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day." 

'Tis the season for Christmas parties, and in England, they are really having some fun.  According to the Reuters News Agency, a poll taken by some car Web site says 25 percent of British subjects who attend Christmas parties run out to the parking lot afterward and have sex in their cars.

Now I've lived in London, a little bit chilly, and you've got that carbon monoxide deal going on, too.  So we're a bit skeptical here.  But even if it's true, it's ridiculous.  Get a room.

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