So Al Qaeda's latest in a line of No. 2 leaders aimed a racial slur at President-elect Barack Obama in a message released Wednesday, basically calling him a "house negro."

It wasn't just Obama, however, that the terrorist smeared, but also Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. Those last two names, however, will not raise the ire of anyone in the media, because being black and Republican makes that slur perfectly acceptable.

But here's the real news: The terrorist's insult finally makes it OK for folks on the left to support the War on Terror.

I mean, if there's anything as awful as bombing our country, it's being mean to Obama. Calling him names, really, is the equivalent to denigrating the image of Muhammad — something that usually leads to death threats and flags stabbed into dying directors' chests.

In my mind, Al Qaeda has made a horrible misstep, for instead of claiming victory as the Republicans were vanquished due to Bush-Hitler's misdeeds, they chose to make an enemy of a man who by all accounts is simply adored. They've done the worst thing possible: They not only kicked a puppy — they kicked our puppy.

And for that, they're in for a whole heap of trouble. I anticipate a disappointed shake of the head by our newly appointed leader very soon... followed by a grimace!

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler!

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