Fickle French: Help All the Way, or Stay Away?

The French military could help the United States if Iraq uses biological or chemical weapons against U.S.-led invaders, the French Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

France has led opposition to U.S. war plans in Iraq, but the Foreign Ministry said Iraqi use of biological or chemical weapons in a war could change France's position.

"France would assess what measures of assistance to take in a spirit of friendship and solidarity," a ministry statement said. It gave no other details.

France's ambassador to the United States made similar comments earlier on in a televised interview. Ambassador Jean-David Levitte also did not specify what kind of help France could offer, saying only, "We have equipment to fight in these circumstances."

Fickle French: Help all the way, or stay away?

A sample of your responses:

It would be a mistake not to use French assistance. With their experience and expertise in modern warefare they could deploy their troops to forward positions to teach the Iraqis the proper techniques on how to surrender.
Merrill D.
Isle of Palms, SC 

Nothing we did or said would have changed the French position -- their interests come first
Mary S.
Buffalo, NY

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the media at the U.N. would turn their backs on DeVillipan when he comes up to speak?  What a snub!

We don't need them to wage war on Saddam.  We don't need them and we should not allow them to participate en the reconstruction of Iraq.  They have made enough business and dollars with Iraq during the past 12 years violating the embargo.
A. Bitar
Miami, FL

What I would like to know is if the French have been selling Mirage jet parts, jet fuel, rocket fuel, etc. to the Iraqis, WHY CAN'T THEY BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE in the WORLD community? Nobody but nobody ever addresses this question!
Thomas J.
Reading, PA

I feel the United States should do an inventory of our "allies". Both France and Germany are filled with fascist finatics who despise what America stands for. A local "European" news cast showed that nearly two-thirds of French citizens still believe Nepolean was the greatest Frenchman EVER! WE just don't need that mindstate in our friends.
German/French border

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