Feeling Festive at 'FOX & Friends'

Hi Everyone,

Happy first day of Hanukah! (and just 10 days until Christmas). We're feeling festive at "FOX & Friends" and have lots of holiday suggestions to help you make the most of the season. On Saturday, we'll show the best stocking stuffers for your wife, daughter or girlfriend. And if you're tight on cash, we'll tell you the best moves to make with your money before the end of the year to really cash-in.

Then we're super excited to have award-winning actor Will Smith with us. Apparently, after all these years in the entertainment business Bill McCuddy has finally run out of questions. But, not to fear! You guys have stepped in and sent Bill some interesting questions for Will about his love life and career, which Will promises to answer.

Of course, we have a lot of news to cover as well. We'll bring you the latest on the stranded Oregon hikers and the wild weather hampering the search there and complicating travel around the country. Speaking of wild weather, you've probably heard the hype surrounding Al Gore's documentary about global warming. Now some scholars and scientists are putting together their own documentary to counter the models used by the former Veep. We'll examine that.

Then on a personal note, on Sunday I'll show you some of the generous, ingenious and just downright wacky gifts people have sent me as I prepare to welcome a baby. Maybe you'll get some gift ideas for an expectant Mom in your life. Or maybe you'll just want to make your own "bellycast" for fun. I'll explain.

See you Saturday, starting at 7am...


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