Federal Judge Rules Georgia Tech Gay Rights Website Discriminatory

A federal judge says a gay rights Web site sanctioned by the Georgia Institute of Technology cannot use language that discriminates against religions that condemn homosexuality.

The Safe Space site, a campus resource for gay and lesbian students, gave an overview of various religions' views toward homosexuality. For instance, it called the Mormon Church anti-gay and the Episcopal Church more receptive to gays.

The Alliance Defense Fund sued Georgia Tech in 2006 on behalf of two students who said the university discriminated against students with conservative religious views through policies aimed at protecting the campus from intolerance.

In a ruling Tuesday, U.S. District Judge J. Owen Forrester ordered religious information removed because it violates the separation of church and state. He denied the students' request for damages.

University officials said the information was removed a year ago, and that the ruling requires no further action from Tech. They said they disagree with the ruling but do not plan to appeal.