Fed Up With Politicians Looking Out For Themselves

More political flimflams. That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

Many of us are fed up with politicians looking out for themselves rather than for the good of the nation. While your paycheck is being gutted by taxes, wasteful spending's through the roof.

For example, here in New York State, we have the highest taxes in the union. And a new report says as much as $4 billion is stolen from the state's Medicaid program every year. And nobody's doing anything about it.

That's because punishing taxes keep the money rolling in. So why bother watching it? America has become a nation where politicians are more interested in getting reelected then solving problems.

Another example: President Bush knew the border was out of control, yet did nothing until his poll numbers cratered. He didn't want to lose Hispanic votes by instituting strict immigration policy. So he allowed the chaos.

On the other side, the Democrat frontrunner for the president in 2008, Hillary Clinton, simply will not answer most policy questions and routinely changes her positions on gay marriage. The senator says the proposed constitutional amendment is a foolish mistake by the evil Republicans.


SEN. HILLARY CLINTON, D-N.Y.: It is unfortunately on the list for the political machine of the White House and the Republican majority. They didn't sign up for the mean-spirited divisiveness that goes after gays and lesbians, that tries to make it, you know, some how a, you know, political issue as to the life you lead and who you are.


Wow. That sounds like Mrs. Clinton is a champion of gay rights, does it not?

But a few years ago, she sang a different tune. During her Senate campaign, she said she backed the Defensive Marriage Act signed by her husband, President Clinton, which banned federal recognition of gay marriage. Still in effect. So will the real Hillary Clinton please stand up, please?

Now, I use President Bush and Senator Clinton as examples, because they're the leaders of their respective parties. Yet neither of them are leveling with the folks on many issues.

We, the people, deserve problem solvers in high office, not career power seekers. So let me wrap this up by asking a few simple questions. Why don't we have ethanol-powered cars in the USA? Brazil has them. Why don't we have 50,000 National Guard on the border to control the law breaking down there? Why doesn't Congress officially declare war on Islama fascism so the danger we face can be on the record? Why doesn't the United Nations help provide security in Iraq when everyone acknowledges a democracy there is better than a terror state? And why doesn't the U.N. send a force to Darfur to stop the slaughter of defenseless civilians by Islamic killers?

The answer to all of those vital questions, lack of will. The powerful simply will not take action.

And that's "The Memo."

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