Fear Factor

Fear is a powerful emotion.

It can stop you. It can paralyze you. It can turn you inward and turn you away from shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants and sporting events.

It can take a sunny disposition and make it miserable. It can take hope and turn it into despair.

It is a cancer that eats at our very soul and inflicts all souls.

It is the stuff of which depression is made on a mind and depressions are made on an economy.

It stops people from buying stocks. It stops people from buying socks. It stops people, period. And terrorists know it. They delight in it. They relish it. They look forward to it. And when they kill our people, they plan on it.

I say, enough of it. If for no other reason than to not have them gloat over it.

We are stronger than they are cruel. We are more hopeful than they are awful. We are as good as they are evil.

They hope that by startling us, they can stop us, or at least slow us. But they don't know us. That the greatness of a people is not defined by the good times they enjoy, but the tough times they endure.

A good stock will always come back — fundamentals dictate that.

A good people will always come back — history proves that.

The short seller will try to stop the good stock, but fail.

Murderers will try to stop the good people, but will also fail. Miserably.

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