Fear and Lying?

I remember when I was a kid in college, I worked at this factory and new owners were coming in.

Most of my fellow floor workers didn't like what they were hearing about the new owners. So they came out the block opposed to any changes the new owners might be planning — without once finding out what those new changes might be.

Now me? I was just in this for a summer job, but even I realized business was bad, maybe the new guys could do better.

Turns out, they did. And turns out they did a lot better for the workers — offered them things like flex-time and tailored benefits that were years ahead of their time.

It was a far cry from what they first feared.

I mention this because of the AARP (search).

Right out the gate, it's opposed to the president's Social Security (search) plan — never mind it doesn't know the plan, hasn't seen the plan.

This group that holds a vise-like grip on the good, hard working older folks in our society, has got them steamed in society.

That the president's going to take their Social Security away, when he isn't.

That benefits will be cut back, when they won't.

That they'll pay more for those benefits, when they can't.

It's one thing for the AARP not to like change, but that doesn't give this organization license to change the facts:

Like Social Security's math: fewer people paying in, more people taking benefits out. That's not good.

Like the AARP's future members — young folks now — who have a right to worry whether there will even be Social Security for them later.

We can argue ways to fix Social Security: raise taxes, raise income thresholds — raise Cain, if you want.

But coming out against fixing something when you know it needs fixing shows the AARP for the true fix it's in: Desperate to hang onto members through fear, than through facts.

Older people in this country should know they have nothing to fear from change. They have everything to fear from the AARP.

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