Fear and Loathing on the Left

Fear and loathing on the Left -- that's the subject of tonight's "Talking Points Memo."

The writer Hunter Thompson's book, "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail" is a classic and there's certainly big-time loathing in play after the president's re-election. In Chicago and a few other places, far-Left demonstrators took to the streets in an annoying display of arrogance and condescension, basically saying that the election was foolish because it didn't go their way. Listen to this woman.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It turned into us being against war, being against occupation, being against sending our troops to get killed in foreign countries that don't need liberation. It's against the innocent children of other countries dying every day. It's against the occupation of Afghanistan, the occupation of Iraq, the occupation of Palestine, and the support for Israel.


Countries that don't need liberation...

As "Talking Points" said yesterday, the more strident the far-Left becomes, the more votes traditionally conservative candidates will get. But that won't stop the madness.

Our pal, Paul Krugman, writing in "The New York Times" today says, "President Bush isn't a conservative. He's a radical -- the leader of a coalition that deeply dislikes America."

The progressive magazine editorializes. "We lost, this time. But we refuse to lay down our principles and sleep with snakes."

That's very nice. 59 million Americans are snakes because they voted for Mr. Bush. Isn't that nice?

Writing in "The L.A. Times," Jonathan Chait tells Bush-voting Americans why they did it. "You voted for Bush because of his position on one issue -- he opposes gay marriage." Sure.

And finally, writing in "The Washington Post," E.J. Dionne (search) says, "We are aghast at the success of a campaign based on vicious personal attacks."

Apparently E.J. missed the Michael Moore movie, the scores of defamatory anti-Bush books, and the George Soros funded Web sites, which routinely assassinate the president's character. E.J. just didn't get any of that.

All of this hysteria is predictable, of course. One of the hallmarks of the fanatical Left is its failure to do anything gracefully. John Kerry himself showed class in his concession speech. But there's no way the brutal left will ever follow that example.

But again, the vitriol is not only immobilizing Republicans, it's alienating moderate Democrats. I hear that every day from them on "The Radio Factor."

Finally, while there has been a fair amount of uncharitable gloating from the Right, remember, that group doesn't have access to most newspapers and network news programs. But the loony Left does, which is why their bitterness seeps into the national consciousness so much faster.

But all in all, the progressive, secular far-Left agenda has taken a mighty blow. They've got bitter words, but not much else.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

For the first time ever, after three number one "New York Times" bestsellers, that newspaper has reviewed one of my books, "The O'Reilly Factor for Kids." News flash: They didn't like it. No, correct that. They didn't actually review the book. They reviewed me, and they don't like me.

Now not liking me is not ridiculous. I can understand why some of you think I'm dubious. But "The O'Reilly Factor for Kids" book will help every American child who reads it, and I've gotten hundreds of letters attesting to that.

However, when you think about it, the fact the "Times" doesn't like "The O'Reilly Factor for Kids" will probably help the book, just like their smearing of President Bush helped him.

So thank you, "New York Times." The kids salute you.

I really don't like them.

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