Fear and Loathing Among Liberal Pundits

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Fear and loathing among liberal pundits. That is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

The New York Times op-ed page today was drenched with tears over the election results. On one side of the page, Nicholas Kristof was predicting the overturn of Roe v. Wade and the denuding of the nation's forests.

On the other side of the page, Paul Krugman was blaming the Republican win on talk radio and Fox News. In one of the most stunning sentences I have ever read in print, Mr. Krugman writes, "Talk radio and FOX News let the hard right get its message out to its supporters." Let me repeat that. "Talk radio and FOX News let the hard right get its message out to its supporters."

Think about that for a moment. Mr. Krugman is admitting that without talk radio and Fox News, the conservative point of view would never have been heard in the media. And Mr. Krugman is absolutely right. For decades most of the major newspapers and the network news broadcasts denied Americans any conservative position. They excluded many opinions on the right and concentrated on defining issues with leftist propaganda such as tax cuts for the rich.

Paul Krugman and many other liberals are outraged that Americans can now hear all points of view so they can decide for themselves what policies are best. Krugman is beside himself that The New York Times no longer controls the political agenda in the media. Take it from me, the network news story selection is greatly influenced by what The Times thinks is important. I worked at both ABC and CBS and saw it firsthand.

But that is all over because of talk radio and Fox News. The right is now able to get its message out, but so is the left. Here on THE FACTOR, we have just as many liberals as conservatives on the broadcast, and we're pleased to have them. We want to hear from the left because it has worthy ideas just as conservatives do.

It all comes down to what policy solves problems. Most Americans understand the exclusionary bias of the left-leaning newspapers and the timid TV news operations, but I congratulate Paul Krugman, who is now my new main man, for actually confirming that bias from the inside.

Move over, Bernie Goldberg, [author of the bestselling book Bias] you have a new compadre.

And that's The Memo.

The Villain of the Week

Time now for the "Villain of the Week."

It is vile rap star Eminem, who's being praised all over the place for his acting in a new movie that opens today.

While this guy might be a great actor, I don't know and I don't care. He's a true villain because he has reached fame and fortune by pandering to the lowest element of our society and providing an incredibly coarse example to America's children.

I do believe in redemption, but, before you are redeemed, you must admit your mistakes. No such admission from this thug. He remains a major villain.

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