FDA Says 'Blow' Energy Drink Glorifies Drug Use

The Food and Drug Administration is threatening to take legal action against the energy drink mix “Blow,” if they don’t clean up their image, it is being reported by ABC News.

The FDA said Blow is glorifying drug use. In fact, the product’s Web site sells underwear and tee-shirts that say “I love Blow.”

Blow is a common street name for cocaine. The energy drink mix is also sold in vials, much like the recreation drug.

The FDA wrote a letter to the makers of Blow and said the drink mix itself is an unapproved drug, “intended to affect the structure or function of the body.”

The letter also said Blow does not have a “FDA-approved application that legalizes its sale.”

The product’s founder, Logan Gola, told cable network CN8 he wanted to set the energy drink apart from its competitors by making it “edgy, hip and cool.”

In 2007, The Hershey Co. faced similar criticism when their mint packets looked a lot like the small bags used to sell crack and heroin.

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