Favoring Pets Over People

Roughly 75 people came together last week at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York, to hold a vigil for Canadian geese. Roughly 400 geese had been rounded up and killed after some had flown into the engines of U.S. Airways Flight 1549 back in January 2009 -- that was the famous plane that landed in the Hudson River.

Anyway, at this vigil, State Senator Eric L. Adams said, "This can't happen again, in the middle of the night for the government to sneak in and be bigger than the people they represent." Many of the people there held pictures of geese with signs that read "Why?" and "Rest in Peace, Geese."

Which I get. I like animals. Birds are cool when they don't crap on you.

But I gotta wonder: Would these people feel differently if they were dead due to one of these adorable geese? I think they would.

So here, once again, you have the misplaced priorities of those who favor pets over people.

We all get it: No one wants to kill anything. But life is full of tough decisions and if I had to choose between a grandmother and a goose, I'd pick the one with the web feet — the grandmother.

And as for the councilman who accuses the government of killing geese in the dead of night, remember that's pretty much how it works for your dinner. You don't get a free DVD with your veal chop showing you how the animal spent his last moments.

Just remember to count yourself lucky that you're at a vigil for a bunch of birds instead of a bunch of dead people, some of whom you knew and loved.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobic goose-stepping geese-killer.

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