Fast Facts: Ronald Reagan

Of all the presidents the United States had during the 20th Century, Ronald Wilson Reagan had one of the most diverse backgrounds. Following is a collection of tidbits about Reagan.

— As a child, Reagan narrowly escaped death while playing under a train that suddenly began moving.

— At Dixon High School, Reagan played football, basketball, ran track, served as school president, wrote for the yearbook and starred in school plays.

— He led a successful student strike against curriculum cutbacks during his freshman year of college.

— Reagan made over 50 films between 1937 and 1961.

— When Reagan left the California governor's office, the state budget showed a $550 million surplus.

— After completing his second term as governor of California in 1975, Reagan lectured, wrote a syndicated column and began a radio commentary program.

— He was the oldest man elected president.

— He was the first Hollywood actor to be elected president.

— He was the first president to have a daughter pose for Playboy magazine.

— He was the first president to have been divorced.

— As a result of his many television appearances he became known as the Great Communicator.

— He appointed the first woman to the Supreme Court, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

— He was the eighth president to be the victim of an assassination attempt — and was the only president to survive a wound.

— He sent United States soldiers into Grenada and commanded soldiers out of Lebanon.

— When he was reelected president in 1984, he carried 49 states.

— Rancho del Cielo was Reagan's favorite getaway. He designated it his "Western White House" and spent a total of 345 days at the ranch.

— Reagan was 77 years and 349 days old when he left office on Jan. 20, 1989.