Fast Facts: London Underground

Here are some facts about the London Underground:

Number of miles travelled by each train each year: 73,500

Total number of passengers carried each year: 976 million

Number of individual passengers carried each year: 19 million

Average train speed: 33km/20.5mph

Length of network: 408km/253 miles

Proportion of the network which is in tunnels: 45 per cent

Total number of escalators: 410

Total number of elevators: 102

Cars in fleet: 3,954

Total number of stations served: 275

Underground staff: 12,350

Stations with the most platforms: Moorgate and Baker Street have 10 platforms each

Busiest stations: During the three-hour morning peak, Waterloo is London’s busiest Tube station, while the busiest station in terms of passengers each year is Kings Cross St Pancras

Passenger flow: 150,000 people each hour enter the system on average

Nickname: the London Underground has been known as the Tube since 1890, when the first deep-level electric railway line was opened. The Underground name first appeared on stations in 1908

Logo: The roundel – a red circle crossed by a horizontal blue bar – was designed by calligrapher Edward Johnston and first appeared in 1913

Source: Transport for London