Facts about President Bush's Supreme Court nominee:


— on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit since June 2003.

— one of President Bush's least contentious picks for the bench.

— former Rehnquist clerk, Roberts was associate counsel to President Reagan from 1982-86 and then served in the first Bush administration, arguing cases before the Supreme Court from 1989-93.

— during the Clinton administration, became a highly sought-after private lawyer in Supreme Court cases, representing clients such as the National Collegiate Athletic Association in a discrimination case, and carmaker Toyota in winning limits on a disabled workers claims.

— had been in line to join the appeals court in 1992, but nomination during the first Bush administration died in a Democratic-controlled Senate.

— 146 members of the D.C. Bar signed a letter urging his confirmation, including officials from the Clinton administration.


— received his undergraduate and law degrees from Harvard.


— 50 years old

— native of Buffalo, N.Y.