Fast Facts: British Terrorism Suspects

Information on the eight suspects detained in failed car bomb attacks in London and Glasgow, Scotland:

— BILAL TALAL ABDUL SAMAD ABDULLA, 27: Passenger in the Jeep that crashed into Glasgow Airport terminal Saturday. Trained as a physician in Baghdad, Iraq, and registered with the British General Medical Council in 2004. Worked at Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, Scotland, as a diabetes specialist.

— KHALID AHMED: Staff at Glasgow's Royal Alexandra Hospital identified this doctor from Lebanon as the driver of the Jeep, but police would not confirm it. The driver remains in critical condition at Royal Alexandra Hospital for burns suffered in the attack.

— MOHAMMED JAMIL ABDELQADER ASHA, 26: Jordanian citizen of Palestinian descent arrested Saturday with his wife. Worked as a doctor at North Staffordshire Hospital in central England. His family says he is not a Muslim extremist.

— MARWA ASHA, 27: Asha's wife, a Jordanian. Identified by British media as a medical assistant. Her father describes her as an educated woman who would never be involved in extremist activity.

— SABEEL AHMED, 26: Arrested in Liverpool on Saturday. Halton Hospital in Runcorn, northern England, said he worked as doctor there and at nearby Warrington Hospital. Studied medicine in Bangalore, India. His mother said he and Haneef were relatives but did not give details, and that the two had been at medical school together in Bangalore.

— UNIDENTIFIED MEN, 25 and 28: Reportedly of Middle Eastern origin, arrested in residences at Royal Alexandra Hospital on Sunday. Staff identified them as a junior doctor and a medical student. British media described both as Saudi Arabian; police refused to comment.

— MOHAMMED HANEEF, 27: Indian national arrested late Monday at Brisbane airport in Australia while trying to board a flight out of the country with a one-way ticket. Physician employed by Gold Coast Hospital in Australia's Queensland state. Previously worked at Halton Hospital in England. Studied at the same Indian medical college as Sabeel Ahmed.