Ciao, fashionistas!

I have exciting news for you! There are certain fashion rules you've learned your whole stylish life to dress by. Don't wear this, NEVER try that! The truth is, when it comes to fashion there are no rules! Doesn't that sound nice? I've set you free (fashionably speaking anyway). There are however certain myths, and it's high time I debunk them for you.

Myth: Don't Mix Bright Colors

Truth: Wrong, wrong, wrong! I love mixing bright colors and you shouldn't limit yourself to just one! With that said, you do want to avoid looking like Rainbow Brite. Follow these tips to get the right bright look.

1- Limit yourself to two or three colors. Keep in mind, not all brights are best together. Your color wheel from grade school is a great tool to find out which colors complement one another.

2- Wear minimal accessories and let the colors speak for themselves. The accessories you do choose should be in the same family as the brights you are wearing. In other words, if you choose a purple top and yellow pants, your shoes should be a shade of yellow like mustard or gold. If you choose an orange top and a bright blue skirt, your tights should be navy or plum. Also keep in mind, cooler colors work better with silver jewelry while warmer colors work better with gold.

Myth: Don’t Mix Patterns

Truth: Pucci anyone? Mixing patterns is a fashion MUST when it comes to high style. You too can pull it off by following these simple tips.

1- Different patterns should be different scales. In other words, if you're wearing a big floral print skirt, your top should be a smaller print like thin pinstripes or small dots.

2- Your patterns should share the same color scheme. For example, if your polka dot top is red, black and white, your plaid skirt should also be red, black and white.

3- The winter is a great time to experiment. If you're fearful of mixing patterns, start small with accessories like a scarf, bag or gloves. You can also try texture like tweed to mix it up.

Myth: Bare Legs are BAD in Winter

Truth: So you have this new A-dorable dress but you don’t want to ruin the look with tights or nude stockings (like the ones I was forced to wear in high school.) But baby its cold outside! Can you go bare legged in the fall and winter? Well yes and no. Here's the deal. Through December if you can grin and bare it, go bare legged. Lord knows all the celebs do it. But keep in mind, Hollywood is in sunny, balmy, beautiful California. You do run the risk of freezing and all night friends asking, "Aren't you cold?” After December though, you really need to cover those legs. Try wearing colorful tights instead of stockings, and if you are going to wear stockings stay away from tan and stick to colors as close to your natural skin tone as possible.

Myth: You Can't Wear White in Winter

Fact: Winter white is gorgeous but it's all about the fabrics you choose. White flannel or wool pants, coats and dresses are chic and cashmere sweaters are beautiful. I promised no rules but I really wouldn't wear white shoes in Winter. Other than that, consider yourself a snow bunny and enjoy!

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