Fashion Covers Its Face

Fashion is hiding its face right now ... literally.

At a show Friday during Cibeles Madrid International Fashion Week in Madrid, models showing off Carlos Diez Diez' Spring/Summer 2008 collection wore a gold contraption covering their faces.

One male model wore gold chains covering part of his face, his mouth and most of his torso, like a long beard.

Female models wore a similar contraption draped around the jawline.

Fashion was looking pretty strange in Berlin too, where a model wearing designer Nadine Miayahara's clothes wore a dark blue shawl covering her mouth during INFASHION Asia-Pacific Weeks.

Photo Essay: Faceless Fashion

Last year, designers Viktor & Rolf caused a stir with their net-like face masks, with some likening the look to Hannibal Lecter.

Click here for pics of the Viktor & Rolf face masks