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First, we have posted on the blog today pictures and video. (Click in the box to the right to view both.) The video was shot about 4 a.m. inside the John Mason (search) home — between the time he learned Jennifer was alive and that her story was a hoax. You will see a very happy John Mason. (Later, when the family learned it was a hoax, we were not in the house. The authorities made the announcement privately to the family.) This videotape we posted is fascinating since rarely can we get camera so "behind the scenes" as we did in the Mason/Wilbanks home.

By Saturday night we were back in Washington, D.C. at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner (search). As you may have already heard, the first lady "stole the show." She was very funny — she made you laugh until your sides hurt! Her timing for her funny lines was perfect!

I had been up all night in Georgia and thus was "dragging" by the time the White House Correspondents' dinner even started. Since I was the FOX host of the table, I could not beg off the dinner because of no sleep. And, the truth is that the dinner is fun — sleep or no sleep. (I could do those all-nighters in college and still go to a party the next night so I figured I could still do it!!!)

I brought my camera so that I could take lots of pictures to post for you on this blog. But, by the time the evening got started, I did not feel like walking around taking pictures. The fatigue did get to me. I could hardly keep my eyes open. So I sat at the table talking to those at my table and those who happened to walk by.

My assistant, however, had had a full night's sleep and thus I handed her my camera. I told her to take whatever pics she wanted. The next day I looked at the pics she took. She managed to find many famous people and get her picture with each of them. Check out today's posted pictures. I am sure she will "die" when she sees that I posted all of them.

E-mail No. 1:

Since when the hell did it become a crime for a grown woman to go wherever the hell she wants in this country? The media made millions off her missing and that's why they go after every pretty missing white woman that they can and make a national story out of it. She didn't have to tell her husband or her daddy or anyone else where she was going but the media is blaming her for smearing their own faces with egg. Why shouldn't she make a bunch of money off her story? You people certainly did. And she didn't even ask for this. You people scared her into making up a story to police which before that she was guilty of nothing.
Bob Therina
St. Louis, Missouri

E-mail No. 2:

Dear Greta,
I'm glad I had my dinner before watching your show. You showed those home movies at the Runaway Bride's house like you were a movie star. You were just tickled pink with yourself. Being an attorney, you know how her actions affected the lives of everyone involved and what a sacrifice it was for the police, FBI and volunteers. You are trivializing their efforts with your remarks. She should be locked in a state mental facility for a year or serve 6 months in jail. She was willing to put countless Hispanic men in harms way and that is diabolical and evil. She could have done irreparable damage. White women have lied since the beginning of time and had innocent people killed with no conscience.
Please watch the movie Rosewood and then tell me what you have to giggle about.
Donna G.

E-mail No. 3:

Geeez...is this the old South? They want to hang the poor girl from the nearest oak tree...What is it with these people that they can't just let it go that she took off and didn't know that the whole U.S. would be on a man-hunt for her...She's probably just in a state of shock and disbelief that all of this has transpired because she needed to get her head on straight... She should make an apology to her community and get on with her life...

E-mail No. 4:

I honestly don't think that there should be so much media attention on this poor woman. She apparently has been through HELL. Give her time to make apologies, etc. It should not be anyone’s business but her and her fiancé and the authorities.

E-mail No. 5:

Dear Greta,
G'day I hope you are going well. I am writing today as I am somewhat perturbed about this case with the young lady who got cold feet and ran away to New Mexico. I have to say that I feel very sorry for this lady, no longer is she just dealing with the problems that led to her misadventure, now she is dealing with a hungry mob who want to get their two cents worth in. In fact every time I hear this story on the news I just shake my head and say "leave her alone", surely she does has enough to deal with without the nation on her back.

As far as recovering costs for the search, well in a perfect world perhaps, but in the world I live in, nah, it's just not right to kick someone while they're down, besides I'm sure she and her family have payed enough taxes in their lifetime to cover it!

Perhaps I am feeling too good with life at the moment, but I don't think this poor girl needs any more aggravation than she is currently going through.
Bunbury, Western Australia

E-mail No. 6:

Greta, Did you actually say on your show (5/3/05) about the new Florida child molester law, "Prosecutors don't want to prosecute innocent people?" You've got to be joking!!!! Are you in the twilight zone? In just a review of 62 cases found innocent after being found guilty and serving jail time it was found that of prosecutorial misconduct 3% involved evidence fabrication, 8% false statements to jury, 8% improper closing arguments, 13% coerced witnesses, 22% knowing use of false testimony and a whopping 43% suppression of exculpatory evidence. (Source: Barry Scheck, Peter Neufeld and Jim Dwyer, Doubleday, 2000)

Those are the statistics of only 62 cases and reflect only provable & verifiable blatant misconduct. Any random check of the statistics of prosecutorial misconduct indicate we are only touching the tip of the iceberg! And the courts only starting to recognize the problem is the only reason it is being even acknowledged, as it is obvious this is not a new phenomenon.

"Most prosecutors do not prosecute innocent people," is the correct statement. But in the context of your story, judge sentence discretion allowing to possibly correct such appearances impropriety or false prosecution, being eliminated; puts your words in the statistics of "journalistic lawyer misconduct". And we can't even count that high to give the statistics of that group! But at least lives are not involved.
John Ward

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